Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's cool outside

I am oddly drawn to this image. I don't know why. My own behavior is hidden from me now. Of course, all will be clear in retrospect. It always is.

Yes, I'm home. The hotel gave me a great rate to become a long term resident, so I live here now.

Im going to Apache Junction and the Apache Trail next week. I'm excited about that. I was supposed to go to the eye doctor this morning, about some floating black thing in my left eye, but I slept instead. I like sleeping right now. And overeating. Whatever could this mean???

Maybe it will all come in a dream. I dream vigorously now. I credit my meds though they seem to be a bit of a let down. I'm not doing a damn thing but shopping on eBay, Walmart and Walgreens. I need the junk I'm buying, like a dust buster and some sneaks, and a Brita water filter instead of spending beaucoup bucks on Arrowhead deliveries, but I cant seem to stop myself.

This too will pass? Collecting shit to sell myself on eBay, as soon as I get back from the Apache Trail.